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SP2200 Ticket Printer

Model: 0800-0014
$880.00 CAD $1,120.00 CAD

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Durable and reliable, the SP2200 high-performance ticket printer handles tough environments with ease. A rugged steel enclosure protects the internal mechanism in industrial applications ranging from truck scale reporting to inventory control operations.

Flexible communication parameters allow the SP2200 to collect data from weight indicators, controllers, PCs, and other electronic devices. The weight extraction mode and optional print button allow operators to control printing functions directly from the SP2200, ideal for use with indicators mounted in remote locations.

Standard Features

  • Type: Bidirectional dot matrix
  • Print speed: 180-characters per second, 3.5 lines per second
  • Line feed: 34 lines per second
  • Characters per line: 740 characters at 12 cpi
  • Print area: 40 characters at 12 cpi
  • Character formation: 3.33" (84.6mm) wide
  • Character height: 5" x 9" dot matrix
  • Character set: 0.1": H (2.5mm) enhanced double-wide or
  • 0.45" (11.4mm) on 4X. Can be inverted for print
  • on left side of tickets
  • Line spacing: 6 lines per inch (25.4mm)
  • Serial interfaces: Bidirectional dot matrix
  • Baud rate: 180-characters per second, 3.5 lines per second
  • Parity: 34 lines per second
  • Input buffer: 32K x 8K
  • Print media: Form thickness adjustable from 0.004" to 0.026"
  • (0.1 to 0.7mm by 0.004" step increments)
  • Ribbon: Cartridge-type black
  • Ribbon life: Approximately 1 million standard characters