Safir M100 Tabletop Scale

Platform Size

Model Capacity Division Platform Size mm
Safir M100 100kg 50g 450 x 350

Safir M100 - Low profile industrial / kitchen scale

*Includes Calibration and Set-up by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready-to-Use

Special Features:
  • LCD display
  • Highly resistant to scratches and easy to clean weighing surface
  • Variance (stabilization) feature
  • Tactile keyboard that can be operated in thick cloth, rubber or silicone gloves
  • 2 weighing units
  • Last weight memory function (auto hold)
  • Dual power supplies (battery and 220V/5V

The Safir M100 is a compact, low profile scale that is perfect in industrial applications, food industries and small warehouses. This transportable and easy to clean scale is durable and affordable, with a variety of features to suit your needs.