Rice Lake DeckHand Portable Floor Scale

Platform Size

Model Capacity Dimensions
RL-DH500 500lb / 250kg 31" x 41" x 4.5"
RL-DH1000 1000lb / 500kg 31" x 41" x 4.5"
RL-DH2000 2000lb / 1000kg 31" x 41" x 4.5"

Rice Lake DeckHand Portable Floor Scale

*Includes Calibration by Precision Scale
*Arrives ready to use
*Includes Rice Lake IQ+390 Indicator

In Depth:

The DeckHand™ portable scale is a mobile floor scale with indicator platform. Partnered with one of Rice Lake’s battery-operated indicators, such as the IQ plus® 390-DC or IQ plus® 590-DC, you have a clearly visible weight anywhere the scale is located. If product is loaded off-center, all four corners of the platform weigh perfectly, so weight is measured accurately from anywhere on the platform. Take this scale to any work area for immediate weights of large stationary items.  

The DeckHand’s large rubber wheels simplify movement on uneven floors. The two wheels hover when stationary so the weighing platform remains stable despite variances in floor contour. Aluminum environmentally-sealed load cells help keep things lighter for easier mobility.

Standard Features:

  • Mild steel wheeled frame, base and mast
  • Diamond tread top plate, mild or stainless steel
  • 500 lb, 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb capacity
  • Large rubber wheels simplify movement on uneven floors
  • Aluminum load cells (2)
  • Standard indicator mount with integral handles for the IQ plus® 355, IQ plus® 310A, IQ plus® 390-DC, IQ plus® 510, IQ plus® 590-DC, IQ plus® 710, IQ plus® 800 and IQ 700