Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter (Custom)


Model Capacity Division Dimensions (cm)
Quick-Check 2000 2,000lbs 2lbf see data sheet
Quick-Check 10000 10,000lbs 10lbf see data sheet
Quick-Check 10000 PCT 10,000lbs pre-cal tower see data sheet

Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter

*Includes Calibration and Set-up by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready-to-Use


  • 2000lb / 10,000lb Capacity
  • Informative display
  • Date & time
  • Calibration reminder
  • Carrying Case
  • Backlight
  • 2 year warranty

This revolutionary new cable tension meter was engineered and designed with intent - be robust yet easy to use! The Dillon Quick-Check can be installed, take a cable tension measurement and be uninstalled in under 5 seconds! Its versatile design allows it to be used in a variety of applications and on a variety of wire rope diameters and strand types. With a diameter range from 3/16" to 1" the Quick-Check is able to handle the majority of common rope sizes.

The quick-Check can be employed in many industries to ensure proper tensioning. Typical applications include tower and stack guy wires, pretensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, overhead electric transit wires, fall arrest systems, aircraft cables and utilities.