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Pioneer Precision Balance Scale

$1,380.00 CAD
Model Capacity Graduation
PX1602/E 1600g
PX1602 1600g
PX2202/E 2200g
PX2202 2200g
PX3202/E 3200g 0.01g
PX3202 3200g 0.01g
PX4202/E 4200g 0.01g
PX4202 4200g 0.01g
PX2201/E 2200g 0.1g
PX2201 2200g 0.1g
PX4201/E 4200g 0.1g
PX4201 4200g 0.1g

*Models without "E" have internal calibration
*Includes Calibration by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready to Use

Standard Features

  • Units of measurement: Kilogram, Gram, Grain, Newton, Pound, Ounce, Carat
  • Easy-to-clean analytical draft shield
  • Up-front level indicator
  • Selectable environment settings
  • Flexibility of available options
  • Removable doors for easy cleaning and access
  • Up-front level bubble for easy reference
  • Selectable environmental settings
  • Integral underweigh hook
  • Standard security bracket
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Security menu lock
  • Multiple application modes and units of measure


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