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Omega Counting Scale

Model: 31784
$1,155.00 CAD

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0.1 kg / 0.0002 lb
3 kg / 6 lb

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: All products 70 lbs. or over and/or require a pallet to be shipped require a quote for LTL shipping. All carts with a combined weight of 70 lbs. or over require a quote for LTL shipping. Cost will be added to shopping cart total.

*Includes Calibration and Set-up by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready-to-Use


Designed for warehousing and light manufacturing applications, this scale will deliver reliable, easy and fast counting functions sure to increase efficiency and reduce overhead. The Omega’s ability to store hundreds of parts in memory (PLU) further reduces time spent counting. Parts warehouses and production companies will find the Omega an invaluable tool for accurately maintaining inventories of small or large components.

Make your inventory process even faster and easier with the PLU Manager Software, and barcose scanner. Click on each item below for more information.

Standard Features

  • Simultaneous weight display — weight, pieces, piece weight
  • Four sampling methods
  • Net/Gross weight display
  • AC and/or lead acid rechargeable battery
  • Auto sleep timer
  • Auto-resampling
  • Internal resolution of 1,000,000 counts
  • Displayed resolution 30,000d
  • Two RS232 outputs

Cable to connect scale to computer for using PLU Managament Softeware NOT INCLUDED. MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

Additional Information

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