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Valor 7000 Bench Scale

$790.00 CAD
Model Capacity Graduation
O-VBS7 - 1.5 1.5kg 0.05g
O-VBS7 - 3 3kg 0.1g
O-VBS7 - 6 6kg 0.2g
O-VBS7 - 15 15kg 0.5g
O-VBS7 - 30 30kg 1g

*Includes Calibration by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready to Use


Increase your food weighing and portioning productivity with OHAUS' newest scale, the Valor 7000. This user-friendly compact food scale is designed with features like touchless sensors, dual displays, and the fastest stabilization rate in the industry to help make any baking and weighing process more efficient.

Touchless sensors allow users to operate certain functions without touching the scale and optional in-use covers both help to reduce the risk of food contamination and extend the life of the scale. Large front and rear displays with brilliant backlights and checkweighing LED's allow for quick and easy weighing by two operators using the same scale. Long battery-life and three LED checkweighing lights give operators peace of mind that their time is optimized, while efficiency is further increased by the industry-leading, reliable one-second stabilization.

Standard Features

  • Touchless sensors
  • Backlit dual LCD display
  • Illuminated up-front level indicator
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • ABS plastic housing
  • Skid-resistant leveling feet
  • Menu lock switch
  • Multiple application modes
  • RS-232, standard


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