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MD400 9000 kg Wheel Pad

Model: affiliate-2100-0002
$2,215.00 CAD $2,825.00 CAD

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9000 kg (19800 lbs.)
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Easy-to-read in all conditions – The simple vernier scale dial is clearly marked for good visibility.

Rugged – Virtually indestructible and practically maintenance free.

Versatility – The MD400 and MD500 scales operate wherever needed, no batteries and no electronics – in rough environments and many unconventional and uneven surfaces such as dirt, gravel, tar, cement, and off-level surface areas. A low 20 degree ramp slope, non-skid ramp and bottom provide entry and exit of the scale with ease.

Easy Setup – Weighing 38 lbs and 48 lbs., the MD400 and MD500 are typically used in sets of 2’s, 4’s, and 6’s, easily moved from axle to axle or tire to tire. One man can conveniently carry, setup and weigh using our specially designed flexible scale handles.

Accuracy – With a remarkable and repeatable accuracy of up to + or – 1% of the applied load or 50 pounds, these scales exceed all NIST Handbook 44 and NTEP requirements for Class IV devices.

Temperature Compensation – These scales are temperature compensated under most any climatic conditions. All critical parts sealed and contained in a dust-proof enclosure.