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Integrator LE.3k Label Printing Scale (MC and NTEP Approved)

Model: 1900-0011
$2,500.00 CAD

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*Includes Initial Measurement Canada Inspection by Precision Scale


The LE.3k, an easy-to-use label printing scale, loaded with enough features to run your sales counter on its own or integrate it with your inventory management system. So easy to program, training is a breeze. Used at checkout or the deli, fish, meat and cheese stations. Don’t worry about the height of your counter as the LCD screen is viewable from any angle and in all lighting conditions. Legal for Trade in Canada and the USA.

Standard Features

  • 126 Speed keys for the most popular PLUs
  • Integrated printer
  • Multi-interval 30 kg or 60 lb capacity for weighing a greater range of products
  • 2 year warranty

Training Videos

The manufacturer has several excellent LE.3K tutorials on YouTube.


Want assistance in setting up your scale? Our training includes:

  • 2 hours one-one training via video conferencing for up to three people (must participate in the training at the same time)
  • A video recording of the call
  • One hour of tech support

You can select this service below.

Set-up Service

Don't have the time or resources to set-up your scale yourself? Our set-up service would ensure your scale is completely ready to go the moment you receive it. It includes:

  • All products added
  • Label configured

Contact us today to discuss what would be required for your scale, and for a quote at sales@precisionscale.com, or at 1-800-831-5657 8:00 am - 4:30 pm MST Mon-Fri

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