Precision I10-TMS3040

Platform Size

Model Capacity Division Platform Sizemm
Precision I10-TMS3040 - 15 15kg 2g 300 x 400
Precision I10-TMS3040 - 30 30kg 5g 300 x 400


The I10 TMS3040 Bench Scale is a well put-together package that has uses in many different weighing applications. It's versatility and adjustability make it ideal for use as a shipping scale, check-weigher, piece-counter, or general use scale for a warehouse or shop setting. This scale is also highly suitable to food and grocery applications as it is lightweight, portable, and water resistant for easy clean-up and wash down.

Special Features

  • LCD display
  • Programmable dual function keys
  • 100 part counting memory
  • 40 classifying memory with visual/acoustic alerts
  • Animal weighing in high accuracy
  • Unit change function
  • Serial data output for printer, remote display, or PC
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery