Dillon EDjunior Dynamometer


Model Capacity Division Dimensions (cm)
Edjr-1t 2500lbs 2lb see data sheet
Edjr-2t 5000lbs 5lb see data sheet
Edjr-5t 10000lbs 10lb see data sheet
Edjr-10t 25000lbs 20lb see data sheet

*Includes Calibration and Set-up by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready-to-Use


The EDjunior is an extremely well-built instrument that gets straight to the point - apply a load and take a reading. Its Spartan design is a direct response to industries that have wanted a well-built instrument that could be relied upon for simple, yet critical measurements of force and weight. Easily viewed display with electronic accuracy in a range of capacities make this one the right choice! Includes standard size shackles and carrying case.

Standard Features

  • Compact design
  • Carrying case and shackles
  • 200% safe overload
  • LCD display
  • 425 hour battery life
  • 2 year warranty
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