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Kilotech Cyclone Platform Scale


Model Capacity Graduation Platform Size
Cyclone 150 150kg / 150lb
0-60kg x 20g /
60-150kg x 50g
400 x 500 mm
Cyclone 300 300kg / 300lb 0-150kg x 50g /
150-300kg x 100g
450 x 600 mm

*Includes Calibration and Set-up by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready-to-Use

Durability for longevity
Durable, thick stainless steel platter allows for heavy loads without bending
Rugged mild steel frame structure
Your warehouse "go to" scale
2 Scales in 1
Dual range - always the right sensitivity no matter how light or heavy the load
Back Support
Ideal for weighing products in bags or items that require extra support
Post mounted indicator
Makes it easy to see the screen
Control your Quality - decrease errors
Visual and audio cues help avoid errors and speed up the counting and checkweighing process
Indicator viewable in bright lights and from various angles
Ideal for both industrial and restaurant applications

Standard Features
  • 3 weighing modes: lb, kg, pcs
  • Ideal for shipping, receiving, check weighing or counting
  • 2 set-points (HI/OK/LO) with audible and visual alerts
  • Accumulation function
  • Hi contrast LCD with auto backlight - visible in bright light and various angles
  • Back rack
  • 6 key keyboard
  • Full capacity TARE
  • Battery or adapter operated
  • Durable platter
  • Sturdy frame

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