Kilotech Integrator C

Platform Size
Legal for Trade

Model Capacity Graduation  
INTEGRATOR C - 15KG 15kg / 30lb 0.002kg / 0.005lb
INTEGRATOR C - 30KG 30kg / 60kg 0.005kg / 0.01lb

*Includes Calibration by Precision Scale
*Arrives ready to use


High end features - entry level pricing
Flexible bar codes in many languages. CFIA compliant with a USB port for connectivity.
Price computing simplified
Easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to program with intuitive Kilotech software.
Visible in all lighting conditions
Display is visible in direct sunlight, under fluorescent lights or in dim light.
NO need to plug in the scale... 12 hour rechargeable battery.
Multi-internal device - two scales in one
Finer precision or larger capacity as per your requirements.

Standard Features

  • 2 capacities: 15kg / 30lb OR 30kg / 60lb
  • 265 PLU - memorizes item name, item code, life, ingredients, tare and unit price
  • Easy to use software for downloading and uploading data
  • Save, quick memory, prepack and print keys
  • RS232 and USB - straightforward interface to PLU management software
  • Programmable barcode
  • Large stainless steel platter 8.86" x 13.19"
  • Dual reading displays (front and rear) - 3 large LED displays per side with three brightness levels
  • Legal for Trade approved by Measurement Canada #AM & USA#
  • One year warranty