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MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Digital Tension Dynamometer

SKU: 139162
$2,095.00 CAD

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Model Capacity Graduation
MSI-7300 1Klb
500 kg / 1000 lb
0.2 kg / 0.5 lb
MSI-7300 2.5Klb 1250 kg / 2500 lb 0.5 kg / 1 lb
MSI-7300 5Klb 2500 kg / 5000 lb 1 kg / 2 lb
MSI-7300 10Klb 5000 kg / 10000 lb 2 kg / 5 lb
MSI-7300 25Klb 12500 kg / 25000 lb 5 kg / 10 lb
MSI-7300 50Klb 25000 kg / 50000 lb 10 kg / 20 lb
MSI-7300 100Klb 50000 kg / 100000 lb 20 kg / 50 lb

*Includes Calibration and Set-up by Precision Scale
*Arrives Ready-to-Use


Dyna-Link 2 is lighter and more portable than its predecessor. It interfaces with industry-standard Crosby shackles and a variety of accessories and options, including wireless connectivity with the MSI-8000 and 8000HD RF remote display. Long-range viewing is enhanced by a large six-digit, 1 inch LCD display with resolution setting up to 45,000 division and precision accuracy over a wide range of capacities.

Standard Features

  • Tension Dynamometer with five digit 1.22in (31mm) LCD display
  • Two each "C" alkaline batteries for capacities up to 10,000lb (5000 kg)
  • Two each "D" batteries for capacities 25000lb (12500 kg) and above


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