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Precision Scale Counting Scales Blog Post Featured Image

Save Time & Money During Inventory With Counting Scales

Taking inventory is often a long and costly process. Needless to say, making the process shorter will save money. People usually do not think of using a scale to make taking inventory faster. In fact, counting scales shortens the time required to take inventory of small items.

How Counting Scales Work

The way a counting scale works is a simple process. First of all, place the container or storage bin on the scale, and tare the scale. Secondly, give the scale a sample; this is typically between 5 and 20 units. The higher the sample size the more accurate the final count will be. Next, place the sample on the scale, and push the “sample button”. Finally, carefully add the items into the bin while it is on the scale.

"Taring" the scale in essence ignores the weight of the bin. This way it is only weighing the items in the bin. After all of the items are in the bin, the scale takes the total weight, and divides it by the weight of the original sample size which provides a total number of items in the bin.

Make Inventory Even Faster With An Inventory System

Manually recording the data and re-entering it into a spreadsheet or database is also time consuming. This part of the process is made faster with an inventory system. An inventory system comprises of four parts: 1) a counting scale, 2) a printer, 3) a barcode scanner, and 4) software to record and store the data.

Instead of manually entering a PLU into the scale, you can make the process faster by having a barcode which can be scanned for each item. The PLU has the weight of the item associated with it; therefore, the software will allow you to track the inventory, and reduce the data that must be entered.

Precision Scale has scales for rent, lease, and purchase. To learn what options are available, and how counting scales can save you time and money, contact us at sales@precisionscale.com, or give us a call at 1-800-831-5657.