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An Example Of How We Practice Our Core Values

An Example Of How We Practice Our Core Values

Recently Precision Scale decided to thank one of their long-time customers, P&J Apiaries Inc., for their repeat business by purchasing over 200 jars of honey. This honey will be used for gifts for Precision Scale clients.  P&J Apiaries Inc. is a family-owned business near Tawatinaw in Westlock County who have been producing honey responsibility since 1967. As part of their business operation, P&J Apiaries uses a bench scale, printer, and databank purchased from Precision Scale. This system is used for selling P&J Apiaries' products; including overseas.

Scale System Upgrade Part Of Modernization 

Purchasing the scale system was part of modernizing P&J Apiaries' operations. According to owner Todd Eastman, "[Last winter] was finally time to do the scale system." Todd is very pleased with the system, and is grateful "...that Tim found a system that allowed us to produce labels for overseas premium markets." Precision Scales' sales rep, Tim Dobson, made the recommendation after examining the previous system P&J Apiaries had purchased from Precision Scales.

The recommendation for the new system included a free consultation with the manufacturer. (To view a what a consultation looks like, check out our sample consultation video.) 

Core Value #5: Make A Difference

Purchasing the honey is in keeping with Precision Scales core value of “Make A Difference”. This is one of six values identified during an exercise held early 2021. According to owner Jerry Gunn, “I understood if we were to change the culture of Precision Scale it must start with our purpose and values.”. This realization stemmed from an article read by Jerry in the Harvard Business Review. Identifying Precision Scale's core values was an in-depth process that took about six weeks to complete. "The management team was very engaged", says Jerry.

Precision Scale believes having Core Values is more than having a document made to impress clients. The management and ownership look for ways to live those values.  Purchasing the honey from P&J Apiaries Inc. was one of the ways to do this. This is because to Precision Scale “Make A Difference” means to:

"Impact the communities where we live and work by giving back, making a difference in the lives of those who live there."

A case of honey was originally given to Tim by P&J Apiaries in appreciation of the service provided. The honey was shared with Precision Scales' management  and staff. After tasting the honey, the management team liked it so much they wanted to give it as gifts to their clients.

If you have a question about scales for commercial use, or systems like the one used by P&J Apiaries, we’d be happy to hear from you at sales@precisionscale.com, or give us a call during business hours at 1-800-831-5657.