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Do You Need A Legal For Trade Scale?

Do You Need A Legal For Trade Scale?

The first step in purchasing a scale is determining the type of scale you need. Without a doubt this is the first step regardless of the type of scale you are purchasing. The key determining factor in choosing you scale that is best for you is whether or not you will be using the scale now, or in the future, for purchasing, or selling product based on weight. All in all there are three types of scales: Legal For Trade, Not For Use In Trade, and Not For Trade Scales.

 Legal For Trade (LFT) Scales

Any time you are purchasing or selling products based on the weight of the scale

  • Frequency of certification varies based on industry
  • Ensure scale is approved for use in trade i.e. a Measurement Canada approved device
  • Check to see if indicator is included. If indicator has to be purchased separately, ensure it is also Measurement Canada approved

Before it is considered legal for Trade it has to be inspected as indicated in section 8(b) of the Weights and Measures Act. (If your Legal For Trade Scale requires an an initial inspection, please visit our industrial scale service page to book your service). 

Not For Use In Trade Scales

  •  A scale that has been approved by Measurement Canada; however, has not received the initial inspection for Legal For Trade
  • Both indicator and scale have to be inspected if the indicator was purchased separately
  • Though they both have to be inspected, you are only paying for one inspection because when they are joined they are considered one device
  • Indicators are sold separately depending on the features you want

Not Legal For Trade Scales

  •  The scale has not been approved to use in trade
  • If purchasing a scale online that will be used for legal for trade, be sure it explicitly indicates it is approved, or has the Measurement Canada logo
  • If neither are on the description of the scale, assume it is not legal for trade

Still have questions about what scale will be suit your needs? Contact one of our scale experts at sales@precisionscale.com, or call 1-800-831-5657 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST.