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The Do's And Dont's Of Buying Industrial Scales

The Do's And Dont's Of Buying Industrial Scales

If you need to invest in industrial scales for your Canadian business, you need to know how to purchase the model that will best serve your needs. There is an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to buying a scale to serve industrial needs. Before you decide which product is right for your business, make sure you consider these “do’s” and “don’ts” during the purchasing process.

Do: Understand What Type You Need

Different needs call for different solutions. For example, a business that weighs pallets of dry goods is going to need a different type of scale than a business that weighs barrels of liquid. Industrial scales come in a variety of platform sizes, resolutions, and capabilities. However, regardless of what your specific needs may be, you always want to invest in a model that is rugged in its construction and can hold up to industrial-level wear and tear.

Don’t: Shop Based on Price Alone

When it comes to buying equipment for your business, you should never shop for anything based on price alone. Scales are no exception to this rule. The cheapest products are likely not going to provide you with the quality you need and the most expensive are not necessarily the best. Rather than shopping based on price, it is best to shop based on the quality and reputation of a product, the features that it offers, and the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Do: Look For Products That Come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty

The best units will indeed come with a manufacturer warranty. If a manufacturer is not willing to back up its products with a warranty, it is not a product you should be confident in spending your budget on. Quality manufacturers stand behind their work and a warranty is always provided.

Don’t: Buy a Used Model and Expect It to Be Perfect

Even the best industrial scales need maintenance and repair. If you purchase a used model, don’t expect it to be perfect – especially if you have no idea how well it was cared for by its previous owner. While used models may cost quite a bit less than a new one, remember that you may be facing costly repairs in the near future. With a new model, the issue of repairs is not a concern as any problems that may arise would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do: Go With the Technology You Need

When it comes to choosing a model, you need one that has the technology your business needs. If you want a model that can connect to a computer and analyze results or one that will allow you to print out hard copies of information that you need to keep in your records, you are going to want to find a product with that technology integrated into it. On the other hand, if you don’t need such technology, look for a scale that doesn’t have it. You don’t want to pay for something you won’t be using.

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