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Wheel Loader and Excavator Scales

Pfreundt WK-50
Standard Features:
  • Partial zeroing (tipping) for precise loadings
  • 1000 different customers with name, address, etc.
  • 200 types of materials with names
  • 50 different operators
  • 500 truck numbers
  • 100 projects
  • Sum of truck loads
  • Subtraction of the partial loads starting from the target
  • Display of totals for materials
  • 4 different calibrations allow a single display to be used with up to 4 loaders
  • RS-232 output for printers, modem, telemetry, GPS
  • Print tickets for each weighment
  • Print toal ticket at the end of each load
  • End of day (week, month or year) summary grouped together by type of material loaded
  • Date and time
  • Load up to 10 different materials on the same truck
  • Load up to 10 different trucks at the same time
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Pfreundt WK-50 XS
Pfreundt WK-50 XS
Our Price: CAD$6,250.00

Pfreundt WK-50 XS

*Wheel loader scale package without installation.

Package includes:

  • Indicator
  • Couplings
  • Hydraulic lines
  • Arm Sensor
  • Software