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Unattended Systems

Looking to manage your Truck-in/Truck-out process more efficiently? Precision Scale can offer the ultimate solution for truck in-out process at the entry station, reducing processing time to under 30 seconds per truck. Precision's automated entry stations do just that; both are user friendly, and will integrate with your existing software and hardware. Think of the savings you will acheive by not needing a person to man the scale house.
Precision Scale offers two solution choices:
  1. PGSI Unatteded System - for all applications, across all industries.
2. AAS Entry Station - typically designed for landfill scale applications.
To ensure the vehicles are positioned entirely on the truck scale platform, portable truck scales use photo sensors, and built-in (stationary) truck scales use inductive sensing loops.
Both systems are legal-for-trade, and:
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Improve Traffic Flow
  • Minimize "In-Yard" Times
  • Minimize Transaction Errors
  • Maximize Transaction Count
  • Attract more drivers to a more effieient system
  • Improve Safety
Follow this link to request a quote or consultation with our sales team.